About us

Tectonic Technology Innovation Company Limited (“TTI”) build and operate blockchain-base platforms to time stamp IP in non-tamper manner and to exchange IPs for the sake of facilitating IP holders to reflect the true values of their inventions/creations and to enable collaborations among the IP holders, such to gain more respect for the IPs and their owners, and in turns promote more new inventions/creations.

To build blockchain-based IP exchange platforms to connect buyers directly with IP owners. The IP owners can decide to sell ownership or usage rights to the potential investors through digital contracts.  The platform standardizes and simplifies the IP trading process and open up eventually the globally IP ecosystem.




Revolutionize the Entire

Intellectual Properties

Trading Ecosystem





IP Holders


Transparency of

the transactions




Create a New

Asset Class

for Investment

Uncover True

Values of IPs

Our Team

Daniel Photo Sa
Mr. Daniel Au CEO
Mr. Dan Cheng CTO
Mr. Philip Lam CFO
Ms Rosa Pang Chau Sheung Advisor – Legal and Intellectual Properties
Mr. Harvey Tsui VP- Marketing
Mr. Frederick Wong VP - Digital Business Development

Our Platforms

Our Platforms’, intellectual properties protection and trading platforms, concept is simple and easy to understand.  Our aim is to build an open, decentralized and secure platforms based on the blockchain technology to protect and  to facilitate trading of IPs.

Our Platforms provide first time stamp services to non-registered IPs and connect IP buyers directly with the IP holders. The IP owners can decide to sell whole or partial ownership to the potential investors through our modularized digital contracts.  Our Platforms standardize and simplify the IP trading process and open eventually globally the IPs ecosystem.

Furthermore, Our Platforms enable collaboration of different IP owners to increase chance for IPs commercialized and connect buyers for particular type of IPs by using sophisticated modularized digital contract and digital signature.

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